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We are the Manufacturer & supplier  of Laterite stone such as Laterite Stone Wall Cladding Tiles.

Laterite Stone is a 100 percentage natural product and that quality makes it preferred by  modern day eco friendly constructions. The lovely color and texture along with firm and physically resistant nature of Laterite Stone make it to be used in  both  interior and exterior architecture .

Laterite Stone Wall Cladding Tiles

Laterite stone cladding tiles are used for wall cladding of walls for both interior and exterior. The laterite finish walls are very elegant and rich in vision.  Read More..

Laterite Stone Pavement Blocks

These paving blocks are the alternative for the concrete interlocks. The concrete stones exhaust heat where as laterite paving blocks are very cool. Read More..

Laterite Stone Partition Blocks

These stones can be used for partitioning the cabins, which can make the cabins more spacious and chill. Read More..

Laterite Stone Designer Blocks

These stones can be used for making arches, pillars and model shaping and art works. They are very gorgeous in appearance. Read More..

Laterite Stone Wall Blocks

These stones are used for constructing buildings instead of bricks and other stones. When these stones are used, plastering and painting can be avoided and the stones very strong. Read More..

 Salient Features of Laterite Stones

1)  Purely natural product.
2)  Highly eco friendly and heat resistant.
3)  No chemicals are being used at any time during manufacturing.
4)  Cement motor or plastering is not needed while laying walls.
5)  Wall partition as low thickness blocks which provide room more spacious.
6)  Various thickness blocks are available.
7)   It gives added attraction to Villas and houses, totally



Call / Whats app : +91 9400334339

We are the manufacturers and distributers  of the laterite stone products such as laterite stone wall cladding tiles. Our laterite stone products  have been widely used for eco friendly construction and healthy living by new generation. Our products are quality tested and convenient for interior and exterior constructions.

We are specialized in laterite stone cladding tiles with both glossy and mat finish for residential and commercial buildings. The best laterite stones are available in India is from North Kerala.